As winter nears, Parentbird fears: Bobblebird doesn't know how to fly!
Above: Bobblebird (2016), a 3D animation made in Maya in the Carnegie Mellon University course Animation, Art, & Technology. From storyboard to final renders, the project started in January 2016, and was completed on May 9th, 2016.

Bobblebird Team
Miranda Jacoby - Animation Lead, Production Manager, Bird Voices, Editing, Modeling, Rigging, Storyboarding
Luca Damasco - Editing, Lighting, Rendering, Shaders, Sound Recording
Orianna Green - Animation, Editing, Layout, Leaf Modeling
Jun Huo - Animation, Cloud & Snow Simulation, Compositing
Hannah Liu - Animation, Texturing, Scenery & Character Modeling

Bobblebird Contributors
Marina Lopez - Music
Mat Clark - Antron Shader
Above: Various doodles of mine from 2015 that would eventually become the character Bobblebird, whose iterations have appeared in Extinguishing Bodies, and a motion capture project. Fun Fact: Bobblebird is some kind of vulture-muppet-thing.
Adove: Model sheets I made to give the team a sense of how Parentbird and Bobblebird's models and rigs could work together. In the final animation all three birds use the same rig and model, with changes in scale, texture, and shader color for each bird. 
While the overall plot didn't change, Bobblebird went through 3 different storyboard animatics : the inital pitch, revison 1, and revsion 2 (above), as well as a 3D animatic, and a re-timed 3D animatic with storyboard thumbnails (below). Once the rigs and layout were finalized, we updated the animatic as animation playblasts and renders came in until the film was finished. 
The final film has 2184 frames of animation, excluding credits. Initially the framecount was 2543, but we cut 359 frames (at 24 frames per seond, that's roughly 15 seconds) to make the animation's pacing tighter after getting feedback that certain scenes took too long. 
Above: The comprehensive shot list I made for Bobblebird. We had a lot of spreadsheets to keep track of various elements in this complex project, and our production tracker can be found below:
Below: Comparison of storyboard drawings and final renders
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