Title: Amalgam Avians
Year: 2014
Materials: Clear resin cast containing buttons, smooth glass, a pinecone, a marble, rocks, and some string, from rubber mold of plasticine. Resin cut with coping saw and x-acto knife. Gel pens, graphite pencil, recycled paper, leather pouch, leather belt.
Instead of feathers, these finch-like birds have pinecones, strings, and buttons covering their bodies. 
The ornithologist discovers that these odd birds reproduce by using their saliva to cover a given material in an egg-shaped resin shell. However, the birds don’t take too kindly to our ornithologist friend digging up their eggs. 
The next morning, the ornithologist finds he’s missing a chunk of his pinky finger. 
A few days later, he finds a bird made out of pinky fingers. 
And he was never heard from again. 
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