Music: "Sky Tower" from "Kirby's Return to Dreamland", composed by Hirokazu Ando & Jun Ishikawa​​​​​​​
Animation Reel Breakdown:
1. 00:01 – 00:05
Game Boy Advanced start-up logo recreation (2017) 
Animated in After Effects. (I did not create the Game Boy Advanced vector asset.) The sound effect belongs to Nintendo

2. 00:05 – 00:14
Call of Duty: World War II (2017, Excerpts)
Face motion capture cleanup in Autodesk Maya for characters Stiles and Aiello

3. 00:14 – 00:24
10 Seconds (2016)
Designed characters in Illustrator, animated in After Effects
Made for course Time, Motion, & Communication at Carnegie Mellon University

4. 00:24 – 00:30
FaceOSC Creature: Orange Gobbler (2014, Demo) 
Designed and programmed character in Processing, 
modified FaceOSC code to animate creature based off of face tracking data
Made for course Electronic Media Studio I at Carnegie Mellon University

5. 00:30 – 00:38
Witchery (2017, Gameplay Excerpts)
VR Game for the HTC Vive
Project co-leader and art director, 
animated Cloud Witch, modeled wand and moon in Blender, assisted with play-testing
Team project with the CMU Game Creation Society

6. 00:39 – 00:45
Repetitive Thoughts: The Four F's of the Brainpocolypse (2015)
Animated dog chasing tail in Flash, printed and bound flipbook
Made for course Art & Biology at Carnegie Mellon University

7. 00:45 – 00:50
Breakfast (2017, Excerpt)
Animated in Flash, Clean-up done in Photoshop

Creature in the end title card is Baba Yokai, from a 1-off 9-page comic "There's a Monster in Town!"
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