ArfPG is a game where you pet odd dogs. Below is a gallery of the assets I made for the game.
Additional Info: ArfPG was created by Maddie Duque, Miranda Jacoby, and Evan Shimizu,
and won the Spring 2016 Game Creation Society Gold Award. 
ArfPG can be downloaded for Windows at
A screenshot from the game. I made the assets for the UI (text box, bar, paw indicator, and the pet button), as well as Fetchdog, the dog making the terrible pun. 
Logo tests
The pet button
Daddog, who teaches you how to properly pet dogs.
Fetchdog, who is very excited to be here.
Warning: Endgame splolers past this point!
3dog, who has never been pet properly on account of having three heads. Also the final boss. 
3dog has a variety of facial expressions.
Below are some dog assets I made that went unused in the final game.
Picassodog, as much of a mischef maker as it is a mishmash. Its intended meachanic was to block the pet button with its paws to make it harder to click.
Goofdog, a.k.a "Drew me like one of your French poodles". Its intended mechanic was to be unsettling, and to have finnicky requirements for a sucessful pet.
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