Originally the chicken coop was square, but after getting feedback I slanted the top to add visual appeal and to better direct the eye to the right side of the screen. 
After I thumb-nailed out the story beats, I went ahead and animated the chicken straight-ahead. I had a lot fun finding ways to get the chicken's thought process to come across through its facial expressions, body language, and a handful of smears. 
It took a little while for me to figure out how I wanted the hand to behave. When it comes on screen to drop corn, I treat it as if it's anchored by the shoulder to someone off-screen. But, since the hand is its own character, I focused on finding ways to give it personality without involving an attached body. So, when it goes to take the first egg, it behaves like a rubber hose, and for the second egg, a snake. 
For coloring, I imported my frames into Photoshop, and created each element on a separate layer. 
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