Rubber Duck Adventure is a project created at Carnegie Mellon University’s Game Creation Society. The player controls water to keep a duck out of harm’s way in a world built from stagecraft and storybook aesthetics. Rubber Duck Adventure was also one of the two winners of Game Creation Society's Gold Award for Fall 2014. 
More information about Rubber Duck Adventure is available on the Game Creation Society website.
I was one of the artists and animators on this project. Some of the assets I created can be viewed below. 
Rubber duck asset in various states of damage. The amount of damage indicates how much health the duck has left.
Heron asset. In-game, the duck is damaged if it collides with the heron on the "downstroke" of the heron's animation. 
Cloud assests of various sizes. In-game, the clouds are suspended in the sky by computationally-drawn strings. 
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